President and Representative Director’s Message

Daigo Akemaru

Thank you for your support of our company.
Established in 2004, we have grown by providing investment products based on a broad strategy as an asset management company.
In April 2019, we became a consolidated subsidiary of Yahoo Japan Corporation following a change in our major shareholders.
In October of the same year, we became a member of the LY Corporation Group in conjunction with Yahoo Japan Corporation’s transition to a holdings company structure. Most recently, in March 2021, we changed our name to PayPay Asset Management Corporation and entered a new stage of growth.

We will work to deliver products useful to individual investors and those looking to take the first step in building their assets.
Our primary focus will be on the PayPay investment trust series, and we will use the power of information technology from time to time to make our products more accessible.
We also aim to continue delivering optimal products to institutional investors.

“The fun of making your money work”

Thank you in advance for your continued support of PayPay Asset Management Corporation.

PayPay Asset Management Corporation

President and Representative Director

Daigo Akemaru