Corporate Profile


Company Name PayPay Asset Management Corporation
President and Representative Director Daigo Akemaru
Date of Establishment 12 May, 2004
Headquarters Location Kandabashi-Yasuda Building 8th Floor, 1-1 Kanda-Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054, Japan
Switchboard Number +81.3.6275.0921
Major Shareholders Z Financial Corporation 76.6%
Asset Management One Co., Ltd. 23.4%
Registered Businesses Financial Instruments Business
i) Type II Financial Instruments Business
ii) Investment Management Business
iii) Investment Advisory and Agency Business
Number of Directors & Employees 47(as of 1 April,2024)
Capital 95 million yen
Registered Number Financial Instruments Firms No.387, the Director General of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau
Memberships A) The Investment Trusts Association, Japan
B) Japan Investment Advisers Association
C) Type Ⅱ Financial Instruments Firms Association

Board of Directors

President and Representative Director Daigo Akemaru
Director Tomoharu Ohtsuka
Yasuteru Gunji
Yuji Hirai
Hiroyuki Torigoe
Auditor Hiroyuki Matsumoto

Assets under management

  • The above figures represent approximate values, and are rounded to the nearest unit.
  • Assets under management includes assets that are subject to advice based on an investment advisory contract.
    Also, in cases where assets under a discretionary investment management contract are placed in an investment trust which was established or is operated by the Company, the balance of the relevant assets under a discretionary investment management contract are not included.


Astmax Asset Management, Inc. was organized as a result of absorption-type merger between Astmax Investment Management, Inc. (founded in 2004) and its succeeding subsidiary, ITC Investment Partners Corporation (founded in 2004), which was then renamed to Astmax Asset Management, Inc. on 1 April 2013. Milestone of ITC Investment Partners Corporation as surviving company of the merger is as follows:

May 2004 Established
Aug 2004 Registered as a Securities Investment Advisory Firm
Jan 2007 Licensed as a Settlor Company of Investment Trust
Sep 2007 Registered as Financial Instruments Firm as the enforcement of Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
Dec 2007 Capital and business alliance with ITOCHU Corporation (38% owned by ITOCHU Corp.)
Dec 2008 Acquired by ITOCHU Corporation (98% owned by ITOCHU Corp.)
May 2009 Started management of commodity futures trading on Investment Trust with FSA approval
Dec 2012 Acquired by ASTMAX Co., Ltd. (99% owned by ASTMAX)
Apr 2013 ITC Investment Partners merged with Astmax Asset Management Ltd.;
the new entity was named Astmax Asset Management, Inc.
Oct 2016 Capital and business alliance with Yahoo! Japan Ltd. (33.4% owned by Yahoo! Japan)
Dec 2016 Launched PayPay Investment Trust AI Plus (formerly Yjam Plus!) as first fund of PayPay Investment Trust Series (formerly Yjam Investment Trust Series)
Apr 2019 Acquired by Yahoo Japan Corporation (50.1% owned by Yahoo! Japan)
Mar 2021 Business name changed to PayPay Asset Management Corporation
Apr 2021 Due to the organizational change of the Z Holdings Group, PayPay Asset Management Corporation will become a subsidiary of Z Financial Corporation (50.1% owned by Z Financial Corporation)
Aug 2022 Capital and business alliance with Asset Management One Co., Ltd. (49.9% owned by Asset Management One)

Organization Chart

Organization Chart Organization Chart